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RMS Driver Licence Appeal – Sydney Traffic Lawyer

If you have received a notice from the RMS or the NSW Police to suspend your licence, you can elect to take the matter to Court in order to get your licence back of have the suspension period reduced. 


This Application is a Driver Licence Appeal.


Our recognised Sydney Traffic Lawyers appear daily for various all driving offences and achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients often with fixed fees and a free consultation. 


If you are going to court for Drink Driving, Drug Driving, appealing an RMS Licence Suspension, Negligent Driving, Reckless Driving, Dangerous Driving or any Speeding or Traffic Infringement our lawyers are here to help

What decisions can be appealed? 

There are a number of decisions that you can elect to appeal to the Local Court. 


These include: 

  • An RMS decision to suspend your licence for speeding 30 km/h or 45 km/h over the designated speed limit;

  • An RMS Decision to suspend your Provisional Licence (Red or Green P) due to a loss of demerit points;

  • A NSW Police decision to issue an immediate suspension for offences such as Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI), middle or high range drink driving, street racing and other offences; 

  • When you have a driver licence and you wish for the court to dismiss an offence that will lead to a loss of your licence. A matter can be dismissed by pleading ‘not guilty’ and challenging the offence or by pleading ‘guilty’ and asking the court for leniency and receive a Section 10 or Conditional Release Order without conviction.


What does the Court take into account ?


If you wish to elect to take the matter to Court, a number of considerations will be taken into account on whether your appeal is successful.

These factors include: 

  • Your Driving Record; 

  • Circumstances of the Offence or Suspension;

  • Your Need for a Licence (Medical/Employment/etc) 

  • Your General Character; 

  • Your Remorse; 

  • Any steps you have taken to ensure the offence does not occur again. 


To assist in establishing the above, you can provide: 

  • Character References; 

  • Letter of Apology; 

  • Employment Documents; 

  • Medical Documents; 

  • Traffic Offender Program Documentation.


Should you engage a Sydney Traffic Lawyer, they will talk on your behalf and also raise a number other complicated legal considerations and factors which will give you the best opportunity at achieving a favourable result. 

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