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Campbelltown Traffic Lawyers | Expert Traffic Lawyers

Our Traffic Lawyers in Campbelltown have serviced the local community with comprehensive Legal Representation and expert advice for years.


If you have been arrested and charged by the Campbelltown Police Area Command (PAC) or wish to elect to take a Driving Matter to Court and are required to attend Campbelltown Local Court, contact our office for a no-obligation, confidential conference today with our Campbelltown Traffic Lawyers.


Alternatively, if your matter is at a different Court, you can still speak to our Traffic Lawyers that service the Campbelltown area. 


Traffic offences may arise from a Driver Licence Suspension, Random Breath Test (RBT), Accumulation of Demerit Points or Police Infringements.


As one of the Campbelltown’s premier Law Firms, we strive to service all areas of Campbelltown and to provide quality legal services to all our clients regardless of their location.


The Campbelltown Local Court generally deals with matters from the Campbelltown Police Area Command (PAC) which includes:


1. Campbelltown Police Station;

2. Macquarie Fields Police Station

Campbelltown Traffic Lawyers covers the following areas:

  • Airds 2560

  • Ambarvale 2560

  • Appin 2560

  • Blair Athol 2560

  • Blairmount 2559

  • Bow Bowing 2566

  • Bradbury 2560

  • Campbelltown 2560

  • Cataract 2560

  • Claymore 2559

  • Darkes Forest 2508

  • Denham Court 2565

  • Eagle Vale 2558

  • Englorie Park 2560

  • Eschol Park 2558

  • Gilead 2560

  • Glen Alpine 2560

  • Glenfield 2167

  • Ingleburn 2565

  • Kearns 2558

  • Kentlyn 2560

  • Leumeah 2560

  • Long Point 2564

  • Macquarie Fields 2564

  • Macquarie Links 2565

  • Menangle Park 2563

  • Minto 2566

  • Minto Heights 2566

  • Mount Annan 2567

  • Raby 2566

  • Rosemeadow 2560

  • Ruse 2560

  • St Andrews 2566

  • St Helens Park 2560

  • Varroville 2566

  • Wedderburn 2560

  • Woodbine 2560

  • Woronora Dam 2508

Traffic Lawyers Campbelltown Legal Services

Traffic offences.jpeg


A Driver Licence in Campbelltown can be extremely valuable and the risk of losing your licence can be very stressful as it may also lead to a loss of employment, access to medical attention, access to family and many other luxuries.


Some Traffic Offences will not only lead to a loss of licence but potentially a criminal conviction or even prison time if the traffic offence is serious. Our Criminal Lawyers in Campbelltown Service provide the top Campbelltown Traffic Lawyers with years of experience and demonstrated success.


Some of the outcomes our Campbelltown Traffic Lawyers have achieved include avoiding driver disqualification, automatic licence suspensions or a criminal record by being granted a 'section 10' or Conditional Release Order without Conviction.

Drink Driving.jpg



Our recognised Traffic Lawyers appear daily for various all driving offences and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients often with fixed fees and a free consultation.


If you are going to court for Drink Driving, Drug Driving, appealing an RMS Licence Suspension, Negligent Driving, Reckless Driving, Dangerous Driving or any Speeding or Traffic Infringement our lawyers are here to help.




Drug driving can include a variety of offences, but the most common is generally an illicit drug or substance found in your system. This is generally a result of a RDT Random Drug Test which can locate a number of drugs including THC (which is the primary ingredient in marijuana/cannabis), MDMA (contained in party drugs such as ecstacy tablets), whilst other drugs such as heroin, amphetamines and cocaine can also be detected.


Drug in System is a different offence to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) which requires the prosecution to establish that you were influenced/affected by the drug at the time of your arrest or when brought to police attention.


It is important to prepare your case properly and speak to the top Campbelltown Drug Driving Lawyers so proper advice can be given on the best way to run your matter and what will be required to prepare and secure the best possible result.

Judge and Gavel



The onus in proving any criminal offence always remains with the prosecution. The NSW Police or other Prosecuting authority must prove each element beyond reasonable doubt.


However, even in cases where an offence can be proven beyond reasonable doubt, an accused has the right to raise a legal defence to the charge. Such Legal Defence include self-defence, honest and reasonable mistake of fact, claim of right, duress, etc.


If you are going to Court and want to engage a specialist Court Trial or Court Defence Lawyer, contact us as soon as possible to discuss your case and the best way to prepare for a plea of not guilty and defence of the allegation.



Just because you are found guilty of an offence, it does not automatically mean you will be convicted. A conviction can cause significant difficulties for you in the future and can have ramifications on your employment, travel, custody of children and other areas of life.


There are three ways that a person who is found guilty of a NSW State offence, can avoid a conviction.


All these orders are made under the Crimes (Sentencing Procedure) Act 1999 an include:


  1. Section 10 (1) (a) - complete dismissal of the charge;

  2. Section 10 (1) (c) - good behaviour bond for up to two years with an 'intervention plan' and

  3. Section 9 (1) (b) which is a 'conditional release order' as a good behaviour bond for up to two years.


If you want to avoid a criminal conviction for any criminal or traffic offence, call your Criminal Lawyer in Campbelltown as soon as possible to arrange a free first consultation.

driver licence appeals.jpg



If you wish to appeal a decision made by the RMS or the NSW Police to suspend your licence, you make a decision to elect to take the matter to court to try and get your licence back or have your suspension period reduced.


This process is called a Driver Licence Appeal.


To ensure you give yourself the best chance of a positive result, you should be represented by experienced, competent and highly regarded traffic lawyers with a history of successful results.


Our Criminal Lawyers in Campbelltown, have the top Campbelltown Traffic Lawyers to give you complete representation in successfully appealing your RMS Driver Licence Appeal.

Judge's Table


If you are found guilty by the Court, your punishment/penalty was too severe, you wish to challenge a traffic offence or an AVO Order you may wish to file an Appeal.


You do have a limited amount of time to file an Appeal so you should contact our Campbelltown Appeal Lawyers as soon as possible to ensure the correct paperwork is lodged and you are not prevented from having your appeal heard because of an administrative issue.

Campbelltown Local Court | Campbelltown District Court 

Campbelltown Court Contact details

Campbelltown Court address

95 Railway St, Campbelltown NSW 2560

Campbelltown Court address

PO Box 91 Campbelltown NSW 2560

Campbelltown Court operating hours

Monday to Friday from 9am to 4:30pm

Campbelltown Court telephone number

T: 1300 679 272 | fax: (02) 4720 1555

Campbelltown Court email

Campbelltown court website

Campbelltown Local Court 

The Penrith Local Court generally deals with matters from the Nepean Police Area Command (PAC) which includes: 

  1. Penrith Police Station;

  2. St Marys Police Station; and

  3. Warragamba Police Station. 


Penrith Court is in walking distance from Penrith Train Station and there is sufficient parking in close proximity to the Court if you arrive by car. 


There are also a number of buses that service the local area and are accessible close to the Court.  

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