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Criminal Lawyers for Drug  Supply In Sydney

Under section 25 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985 (NSW), the supply of a prohibited drug is a criminal offence. This is defined as a person who supplies or knowingly participates in the supply of a substance listed under Schedule 1 of the same act. Penalties for this offence vary depending on the specific substance and the quantity found. The Act details penalties for traffickable, indictable, commercial, and large commercial quantities of each illicit substance, with the most severe penalty being a maximum fine of $550,000 and/or life imprisonment.

To fully grasp the implications of drug supply charges, it is important to understand the classifications used by the police and courts to determine the penalty.

What Constitutes a Drug Supply Offence in New South Wales?

Small Quantity: A small quantity of illicit substances is typically the least serious drug charge. If found with a small amount of prohibited drugs (e.g., 30g of cannabis leaf, 1g of cocaine, or 1g of ice), a person is usually charged with the less severe offence of ‘drug possession.’

Traffickable Quantity: According to the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985, possession of a ‘traffickable quantity’ of drugs can lead to supply charges. Examples include 300g of cannabis leaf, 3g of cocaine, or 3g of ice. If found with more than the traffickable quantity, the police may charge an individual with a “deemed” supply charge, which carries higher penalties than small quantity charges.

Indictable Quantity: The Act specifies quantities of illicit drugs that are considered ‘indictable,’ deemed serious crimes, and usually handled in the District Court with significant penalties. For instance, possession of more than 1kg of cannabis leaf, 5g of cocaine, or 5g of ice is considered an indictable quantity.

Commercial Quantities: The most serious drug supply charges relate to commercial quantities of illicit substances. As per the Act, 25kg of cannabis leaf, 250g of cocaine, or 250g of ice are classified as commercial quantities. Meanwhile, 100kg of cannabis leaf, 1kg of cocaine, or 500g of ice are defined as large commercial quantities, attracting the most significant penalties.

To secure a conviction for drug supply, the prosecution must prove beyond reasonable doubt that an individual was involved in the sale and distribution of drugs, including agreeing to supply or offering to supply prohibited drugs, as well as possessing drugs for supply. An individual can also be charged if it is proven they were involved in sending, forwarding, delivering, receiving, or directing the supply.

Penalties for Drug Supply Offences

Penalties for drug supply offences vary widely based on the quantity found. The court will also consider past criminal history and the circumstances surrounding the charge to determine the appropriate sentence. The most severe penalty for drug possession, reserved for large commercial quantities, is a maximum fine of $550,000 and/or life imprisonment.

Traffickable Quantity: The maximum penalty for supplying traffickable quantities is $11,000 and/or 2 years imprisonment.

Indictable Quantity: For supplying indictable quantities, the maximum penalty in the District Court is $220,000 and/or 15 years imprisonment. In the Local Court, the maximum penalty is an $11,000 fine and/or 2 years imprisonment.

Commercial Quantity: The penalty for supplying commercial quantities of prohibited substances is a maximum of $385,000 and/or 20 years imprisonment.

Large Commercial Quantity: The most severe penalty for supplying large commercial quantities of illegal drugs is a fine of up to $550,000 and/or life imprisonment.

The court may also impose other penalties, such as good behaviour bonds, community service orders, periodic detention, or suspended sentences. In some cases, matters may be resolved with a Section 10 dismissal, where no penalty or conviction is imposed, as argued by expert criminal defence lawyers.

We provide Penrith Criminal Lawyers between these areas:

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Criminal Lawyers Penrith Legal Practice Areas

Criminal Offences


If you have been charged by the NSW Police, you will receive a Court Attendance Notice and be required to attend your Local Court for a variety of offences including drug possession, breach Apprehended Violence Order (AVO), Common Assault, drink driving or for more complex and serious offences such as Murder, Manslaughter, Wounding causing Grievous Bodily Harm, sexual intercourse without consent, sexual assault, supplying prohibited drug, or importing commercial quantity of prohibited drug.


Our Criminal Lawyers Penrith, which include specialist criminal defence lawyers will provide the best legal representation to have your charges dropped, downgraded or dismissed in Court.

Prescription Drugs



Our experienced Penrith Drug Lawyers have achieved numerous brilliant results in various Drug Cases around New South Wales and are widely considered to be the top Penrith Criminal Lawyers when dealing with drug offences.


Our Criminal Law specialists have achieved various Conditional Release Orders with Non-Convictions, also known as Section 10 dismissals, various acquittals and findings of Not Guilty for clients charged with Large Importation of Drugs, Supply of Prohibited Drugs and Possession of Prohibited Drug Offences.


Our top Drug Defence Lawyers have dealt with numerous clients charged with drug-related matters including a Possess Prohibited Drug Offence from a festival or dance party, to Large Commercial Drug Supply and even large Drug Importation cases.  


(Apprehended Violence Order)

Our AVO Lawyers servicing Penrith appear in all AVO matters in New South Wales and offer both a FREE Consultation and FIXED FEES for any client who has an AVO proceeding before the Court.


Achieving outstanding results in all Local Courts in AVO matters with years of experience.


Are you going to court for an AVO ? We can represent you, explain the entire AVO Court Process and fight for you in your matter.


Our Penrith AVO lawyers have been had success in:

Having AVOs dismissed;

Defending AVOs in court by thorough and comprehensive cross-examination of the opponents and their witnesses;

Having AVOs withdrawn prior to the Court Date;

Pillars of Justice


Assault charges are very common in Penrith and can often occur in a Domestic Violence context or can arise between two strangers.


They are treated very seriously and you will need to engage a Specialist Penrith Assault Lawyers when dealing with these matters.


There are various types of assaults that include common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, wounding causing Grievous Bodily Harm and legal defences to assault which are available to you, will depend on the unique circumstances for your case.


Contact the top Criminal Lawyers in Penrith to discuss your matter with a first free consultation.


Judge's Table


The onus in proving any criminal offence always remains with the prosecution. The NSW Police or other Prosecuting authority must prove each element beyond reasonable doubt.


However, even in cases where an offence can be proven beyond reasonable doubt, an accused has the right to raise a legal defence to the charge. Such Legal Defence include self-defence, honest and reasonable mistake of fact, claim of right, duress, etc.


If you are going to Court and want to engage a specialist Court Trial or Court Defence Lawyer, contact us as soon as possible to discuss your case and the best way to prepare for a plea of not guilty and defence of the allegation.



Bail has many different forms and can include Police Bail (bail granted by the police) or Court Bail (Bail granted by the Court). Applying for bail is an extremely important assignment as there is often a significant delay in the finalisation of Criminal Proceedings.


It is vital that you engage the best Bail Lawyers for your matter, especially for Show Cause bail applications which provides an additional hurdle to overcome in any bail application. If you are refused bail in the Local Court, an application can be made to the Supreme Court without having to establish a 'change of circumstances'


Our lawyers appear in Bail Applications all over the state ranging from the Local Court, Parramatta Bails Courts, Children's Court, Supreme Court and the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal. Contact us as soon as possible to assist with any bail application or variation for you or someone you care about.

Penrith Local Court | Penrith District Court 

Penrith Court Contact details

Penrith Court address

64-72 Henry St, Penrith NSW 2750

Penrith Court postal address

PO Box 318, Penrith NSW 2751

Penrith Court operating hours

Monday to Friday from 9am to 4:30pm

Penrith Court telephone number

T: 1300 679 272 | fax: (02) 4720 1555

Penrith Court email

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Penrith Local Court 

The Penrith Local Court normally deals with matters from the Nepean Police Area Command (PAC) which includes: 

  1. Penrith Police Station;

  2. St Marys Police Station; and

  3. Warragamba Police Station. 

Penrith Court is in walking distance from Penrith Train Station and there is sufficient parking in close proximity to the Court if you arrive by car. 

There are also a number of buses that service the local area and are accessible close to the Court.

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